11 December, 2010

Pohutukawa, the New Zealand Christmas Tree

This is a Pohutukawa tree, native to New Zealand. Because of its beautiful red flowers it has come to be known as the "New Zealand Christmas tree." This is also partly because it flowers in summer, mainly in the northern parts of the North Island, which is around our Christmas time! The image of the flowering Pohutukawa on a beach is a typical scene at this time of the year.

See The Bushman's Friend for more information on the Pohutukawa tree.


Annie Kate said...

Wow, that is quite the Christmas tree!! Thank you so much for posting the picture.


Annie Kate

Nancy said...

I admit I've never even heard of this tree! It's beautiful!

CherylinMA said...

Beautiful! I suppose you wouldn't put one of those in your living room. LOL!
Loving your blog - I just found it!

Melissa said...

What a 'creative' Creator to have made such a marvelous thing!!


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