24 February, 2011


You have probably heard on the news by now, about the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Christchurch on Tuesday. Christchurch is in the South Island of New Zealand, we live in the North Island. Although there are a lot of people we know in Christchurch, thankfully none of them have perished, although doubtless some have suffered damage to homes. However, it is still a terrible event and we are praying for the victim's families, the rescuers and all the people in Christchurch as they must deal with the aftermath.
Here is a good NZ news site if you are interested in learning more:

"Stuff" New Zealand News

22 February, 2011

Our Plan for 2011

I have posted a new page outlining our plans for home education this year. This is my "ideal" plan which I will attempt to keep up with :-). It is based on my own "special blend" of methods from The Well Trained Mind, Teaching the Trivium, and various books applying Charlotte Mason's philosophies.

11 February, 2011

Watercolour Sunflowers

These are the results of our watercolour lesson yesterday. We had a look at some of Vincent van Gogh's sunflowers and followed this lesson plan at Making Art Fun.
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03 February, 2011

10 Days of Homeschooling Party

Cindy at Our Journey Westward will be hosting "10 Days of Charlotte Mason". She'll be posting about Charlotte Mason and her methods each day, for ten days, from 7th - 18th February. I'm looking forward to reading her posts and learning more about Charlotte Mason.
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