12 February, 2014

Morning Time Schedule

It has been a looooong time between posts for me!  But here's to a new year and a new plan to start each day.
I've been reading Cindy's blog Ordo Amoris for a couple of years now and always wanted to begin our own Morning Time.  With my older children getting older and having a new baby in the house last year, our days were getting pretty fractured.  So this year we're making a fresh start with Morning Time each day.

Here's what we've been doing:

1. Prayer - we are working through a list of family members, our church member list, and other prayer needs for those outside of church and family life.  I am trying to remind the children to include thanks and praise in their prayers, along with the many petitions.
2. Bible - we decided to read through Acts as our pastor will be preaching through Acts this year.
3. Bible memory - The Books of the Old Testament, to get the younger ones up to speed.
4. Sing - we are singing our way through our church's Psalm book, and will add in the new Psalter Hymnal when it arrives.
5. Read-aloud - we are alternating between Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare by Edith Nesbit and King Alfred's English: A history of the language we speak and why we should be glad we do by Laurie J. White.
6. Poem memorisation - currently The Whole Duty of Children by Robert Louis Stevenson
7. Other memory work - currently the grammar memory work in First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise- definitions of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs etc

All the children, aged 5 to 15 are enjoying morning time so far, long may it continue.
To read more about how Cindy has structured Morning Time over the years read her series: 31 Days to Morning Time.  It was a great help to me!

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