13 February, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Last Christmas we tried out a few new delicious seasonal treats.
Here's a bit of a rundown on them:

Bethany's first Christmas Cake
With an egg allergy in the house, we've put off making our own Christmas cake until last year, when Beth tried out Annabel Langbein's 3 Ingredient Christmas Cake.  The recipe looked incredibly easy, so she gave it a go.
It turned out beautifully, although it didn't lend itself to being iced, because of all the moisture from the milk.  It's not a cake to be kept for too long either.

Gingerbread House
We were also inspired by friends to try making a gingerbread house.  We have a delicious gingerbread recipe, so we used that for the house itself.  The icing however, was a mission.  Again, because of the egg allergy we couldn't use the traditional icing with egg whites, so we made a lemon and icing sugar mix instead.  The house was tricky to hold together, but once the icing dried it stuck well.  It was delicious to eat too!  

We even had enough gingerbread left over for Lucas' first "birthday cake".

Yule Log
And for our Christmas dessert, we made a delicious Yule Log.  Check out Jessica Fisher's version at Life as Mom.  The process is a little bit tricky.  We baked the chocolate sponge in baking paper and wrapped it in a tea towel while still hot, then filled it once it had cooled. We iced it with chocolate cream cheese icing - mmmm!

Did you try any new delicious treats for Christmas last year?

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