19 August, 2011


The snow in our backyard on Monday night.

The snow was a bit deeper to play at a friend's place, closer to the hills!

We have been enjoying snow in our neck of the woods this week! Apparently it has been 35 years, some say even up to 80 years since snow has fallen in our town! We didn't get a lot at our house, but we took a drive around the local area and found some deep snow to play in.


Nancy said...

Oh, how fun for everyone! So, did you find out exactly how long it has been?

Chelle said...

Looks like you DC are enjoying the event!! (Ours did too with dd building here first, ever, BIG snow man (-; ).
Thanks for stopping by Rachael and recommending a book, for me, much appreciated.
(Looks like we're really are reading in tandem with SOTW - it's nice to have company).

I appreciated your post about education is an atmosphere..... and proceeded to mull over the thought for the rest of the week.
Keep posting, I always read but seem to run out of time to hop off google reader to comment.

rachaelnz said...

Nancy, I don't really know how long. We had a little fall, and yet just over the other side of our town there seemed to be more. Several km's to the west they missed out on settle snow. So anyway between 35 - 80 years depending on where in the town.

Chelle, thanks for your comment. I feel like I have good company here in NZ now, and someone who is actually using what I am :-)

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