14 May, 2011

Cartoon Drawing Workshop

We had a wonderful time at our Graham Braddock Drawing Workshop!
First of all, Graham guided us through drawing different cartoon facial expressions. We were encouraged to make the expressions ourselves, and study the person next to us to see what happens to their face.

Here are the results:

Next, Graham guided us through drawing three different types of cartoon characters. First, we drew "Mr. Cool", then "Mr. Tough" and "Mr Braddock":

The next session was all about cartoon figures. After watching a couple of students act out certain actions, we practiced with "Mr Stickman." We then transferred the same actions to "Mr T" (the Potatohead):
Last of all, we put some "surprise" action figures on paper as a "blob family, excited about the prospect of going to Disneyland":

Graham's workshops are so much fun, and he is such an excellent drawing teacher. Do go if you ever get the opportunity!

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