15 April, 2011

Autumn Haiku

I have often started my girls off with nature diaries, but they have never really taken off. Not that we dont' "do" nature study, but I've been a bit fussy about trying to find the "ideal" notebooks for the girls to use.

One of the other problems was the reluctance of one of my girls to draw, but after several drawing workshops with Graham Braddock, and some basic art lessons, she has gained a lot of confidence.

In our little co-op yesterday, we gave the girls their new notebooks and sent them outside to draw whatever they liked. Then with the help of our collection of NZ nature identification books we helped them identify their pictures so that they could label them in their books. In addition, inspired by "Poem in your Pocket Day", I had the girls write simple Haiku poems to go with something they had drawn. I found a helpful webpage here. Instead of announcing to the girls that I wanted them to write a poem, I asked them to write down a few little notes about the things they drew. Then we picked out several of the descriptive words and formed them into Haiku poems, which they wrote into their nature notebooks. Here are some of the results:

Purple Hebe growing
On the big green bush
Sunset Boulevard

The Red Robin leaf
On our hedge around the front
Growing very well.

Three heart-shaped leaves
Growing along the stone path
Oxalis flowers.

Red velvet petunias
Spilling over the sides of
A terracotta pot.

Very fluffy seeds
Dandelion on the lawn
blow the seeds away.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this lovely post. I too am hinderd by the 'finding the right journal germ!' Although we spend lots of time 'doing nature' I am not that diligent in getting the children to record it. Reading this post along with your poem a day post has inspired me!

Melissa said...

Lovely words.
Great idea...so I am borrowing it for next week! ;)Thx!

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