24 July, 2007

Art with Graham BraddockArt

We've had quite an arty time lately. Having been sick in the holidays and with the cold weather, we were stuck inside and the girls were getting quite bored. So we've been trying a few art projects.

A couple of months ago we had a workshop at church with Graham Braddock. He is a Christian New Zealand artist. He took us through all the steps of drawing a bushman's hut, using a photo set in the great Kauri forests in the Far North of New Zealand. We got our drawings out and coloured them with watercolour pencils. I will have a go at uploading some pictures.

These are the originals we did on the day, first with pencil then with a marker pen. Top to bottom are Bethany's (8 yrs), Emily's (7 yrs) and mine.

A few weeks later we coloured them with water colour pencils. Again from top to bottom are Bethany's, Emily's & mine.

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